Regular weekly sessions

Ecotherapy and Social and Therapeutic Horticulture drop-in sessions

Join us on a Monday for enjoyable, therapeutic, activities of a horticultural, practical, nature.

Mondays, 10am-1pm. Help with the maintenance and development of the wilderness site: pruning, weeding, mulching paths, help develop the plot and its infrastructure using hand tools, learn new carpentry and upcycling skills. Create natural artwork, make a fire or simply just be. Drinks available, bring snacks if you feel like it, and all weather clothing and footwear.

If you are personally interested in attending either drop-in, or if you would like to discuss the drop-in on behalf of a client, relative or friend, please get in touch beforehand.

You can refer yourself by completing this referral form and returning it to us.  

Monday Drop-In Cient Form

Email [email protected] or call 07517 090 915.