Our Allotment

The Centre for Ecotherapy allotment is maintained using organic principles. We use no chemicals, composting all our waste, and digging this back into the beds, providing nourishment for future planting.
Clients attend weekly ‘drop-in’ sessions, or take part in the 6-week referral programme, helping with the many tasks and activities a working allotment requires. Activities include:

  • digging and fertilising beds
  • weeding
  • mulching paths
  • pruning
  • sowing seeds
  • planting out seedlings
  • netting
  • maintaining fences and structures

We cook any produce that is available on the day on the open fire, enjoying tasty, healthy, dishes and encouraging gardeners to take ideas and produce home to use in their own kitchens. Throughout the colder months, we use the fire to warm ourselves on our break and to boil the kettle for hot drinks.

There is plenty of time to stop, chat, laugh and share experiences. We also cherish our animal, bird and insect neighbours who bring excitement, pleasure and learning to us all as they go about their lives alongside ours.

The allotment is located deep in the heart of Stanmer Park’s Wellbeing Gardens. Nature is abundant and close at hand – the allotment is a beautiful haven in which to let go of stressful situations, thoughts and expectations that bring us down, and to experience peaceful, purposeful, participation: a place to lose oneself, if just for a moment…

Allotment sessions are held on Fridays, 10am – 2pm. Please contact us on [email protected] or call 07517 090915 if you are interested in taking part.