Wilderness Area

The Centre for Ecotherapy Wilderness area is a beautiful, atmospheric, space with mature trees and shrubs, undisciplined and oozing with nature. Shaped over time without rush, the areas and structure of the site form a delightful space for ecotherapy workshops, consultations, counselling, contemplation, mindfulness, play, discovery and learning.

The site, located in the fantastic local resource that is Stanmer Organics, is alive and vibrating with energy: home, dining room and playground for our many non-human neighbours.

Participants of our Ecotherapy ‘drop-in’ sessions (Mondays, 10am – 1pm) are supported to help maintain the site, gently paring back the unwanted growth and creating unimposing structures that enhance the space without encroaching too much on the wildness that is so important to us all.

The variety of activities people take part in includes:

  • Pruning
  • Woodchipping
  • Sawing
  • Scything
  • Composting
  • Fire-building
  • Relaxing

Within our vision for our ecotherapy service, natural artwork, cooking on the fire, bushcraft skills, environmental conservation and playful activities are essential, so participants can bring their individual creativity and sense of natural wildness to sessions and feel supported to experiment.





Site Hire

Third party organisations and community services are welcome to hire the Wilderness Area for their own session delivery. Please see our Site Booking service for details.